Thanks to Amir Farokhi, our District 2 Councilmember, and Aaron Wiener with the City of Atlanta (Department of Parks and Recreation), we will see some much needed construction work starting early January! The Freedom Barkway Board members worked with Aaron for quite a while and all our efforts and persistence finally paid off!

You probably know that the park’s land was donated to the neighbors to develop this dog park. Its use is growing and growing, especially during this pandemic. We, the neighbors are responsible in keeping the park clean and safe, and your donations are used for general upkeep as well as to purchase and refill the poop bags! If you would like to be part of this team, please contact us: we’d love to have you join us!

All of you know that the erosion is causing hazardous situations for people and dogs alike. And the unsanitary muddy entrance doesn’t look very attractive either! This will hopefully come to an end after this construction work. So please bare with us and your patience will be rewarded!

Aaron shared the following with us: The construction is scheduled to begin January 4th and the large dog park side will be closed for about 6-8 weeks. Parking and access may also be limited due to construction activities during this time.

We also applied for a grant with Park Pride and will hear late January if, and if so, how much we will receive for additional improvements. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be substantial, since park improvements are costly, we found out… We will keep you posted


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